I’d taken it for granted for years but was horrified when suddenly, during an interview; I discovered I could no longer write.

I’d been feeling off colour for a couple of days but now it became obvious that something was seriously wrong. The next thing I knew I was being whisked away from a mystified candidate to an ambulance. After drifting in and out of consciousness for a few days I was told that I had suffered a near fatal stroke. The biggest impact on me was the frightening realisation that I could no longer walk; control my limbs or talk coherently. I was frightened and confused.

Lucky to survive I had the opportunity while off work to consider what I wanted from the rest of my life. Depression and loss of confidence, which healthcare professionals had told me was a strong possibility, did not appeal. Was there anything that I could do to make this depressing outcome less likely?

Prior to being taken ill I had been working closely with an organisation called Indigo Brave. Culture shifts and creating high-performance teams with measurable results are their primary activities, but of course that involved working closely with the people within those teams and encouraging us all to examine our own behaviours.

We had all  learned a lot as a team and as individuals. Some found the process life changing and now I had the opportunity to test my learning in a very direct sense on the difficult path that lay ahead of me.

Emotional agility/intelligence, behavioural attitudes and the transformational  potential of what I learned played an integral part of my recovery. Fair to say that the greens are now a little greener and I feel more contented than I ever did.  My performance as an individual (both professionally and personally) and my contribution to the various teams I work with has improved – in measurable as well as emotional ways.

I am now  now collaborating with Indigo Brave to bring together our experience and learning to offer you the opportunity to have a workshop at either your place of business or accept an invitation to one of our seminars.

We will demonstrate why Peter Drucker said “Culture will eat strategy for breakfast” or Patrick Lencioni said “The single greatest advantage any company can achieve is organisational health”.  Yet it is ignored by most leaders even though it is simple, free and available to anyone who wants it.”

I am also working with people who are looking for their next role. My belief is the recruitment process is largely broken with the result that you may not be considered for roles that may have been suitable for you or that an organisation would have wished they had recruited you for. Our coaching will help you better understand: your ‘product’ how to put together a sales brochure (CV) together; tap the unadvertised job market and tell your story at interview.


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