Recently research from many studies has shown the mental and physical health benefits of self compassion. Greater self compassion will lead to: better physical health; improved self confidence; enhanced life satisfaction and more happiness. Self compassionate people are likely to: suffer less depression; reduce anxiety; endure less stress and become shame resilient. They will be easier to work with and see improved performance.

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Self-kindness is being as caring toward ourselves as we would be toward others who we care about.Instead of attacking ourselves we offer ourselves warmth, acceptance and encouragement.

Common Humanity

All of us are flawed, we all fail, we all make mistakes and experience hardship in life. Self- compassion honours the unavoidable fact that life entails suffering , for everyone, without exception.


Mindfullness is part of self-compassion because we need to be able to turn toward and acknowledge when we’re suffering, to ‘be’ with our pain long enough to respond to ourselves with care and kindness.

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