It seems Superman is out there and looking for a job. But so is the whole Legion of Super Heroes.

HR professionals, hiring managers and recruitment consultants are constantly bombarded with introductory letters. Every week I get introductions, by email from probably the whole range of the commercial ‘Legion of Super Heroes’.

From the writer’s point of view they are trying to stand out from the crowd from the reader’s point of view they often end up being painfully boring and usually not read. Below is a typical example of an opening though it could be in any function or discipline.

“I have been a successful Finance Director for 10 years and I am looking for the next exciting challenge in my career.

I have been involved in setting the strategic direction of the Acme & Co. I have recently led the quickest and most effective audit process the company has ever had. I improved systems within the business enabling improved period end reporting and more informed management decisions.

I led a culture change programme and invigorated a demotivated workforce and created an excellent team spirit within the finance department and made finance more user friendly company wide.

action-comis-957-dc-rebirth-superman-banner-e1465403995646jpgI occasionally slipped into telephone boxes and did some whirly things emerging wearing a blue suit with a red cape and boots. An unusual red and yellow logo was emblazoned across my chest”.

The chances are that as a hiring manager you have received letters similar to the above (except the final paragraph).

Creating interest or even excitement.

Socially if you meet somebody who immediately tells you how wonderful they are it is more than likely off putting at the mildest, probably a lot worse. If they show an interest in us however we are more likely to be receptive and warm towards engaging and spending time with them. Take note in future of people who make a good first impression with you.

Usually we are receptive to anyone who shows an interest in us or similarly the organisation we work for. Isn’t it the same with introduction letters. Might it be a better approach to show an interest in the company or organisation you are introducing yourself to. Useful information can be found on websites, press releases or in the local press and you may be able to open your letter with something like one of the following examples:

“You must be excited to win a new contract with ………. It’s pleasing to see a local company growing and thriving in a very competitive marketplace.”

“You must be thrilled to win yet another award for your levels of customer service. Your consistent recognition speaks volumes for the management and culture of………”

“Yet again Acme & Co has developed groundbreaking innovations that have radically changed their marketplace. Your product development team must be proud of their achievements”.

Obviously there are endless variations. A change in approach though may result in a better hit rate. You are far more likely to generate interest from an organisation you have shown an informed interest in rather than ‘soap boxed’ to.

Hopefully this may help you re-think the opening paragraph of an introductory letter. There are many other ways your correspondence can be made more exciting or interesting to the hiring manager.

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Who am I? A chap living in Nottingham, United Kingdom who perhaps has a much higher level of enthusiasm than ability leading to an interest in many things but mastery of none. A father of three no longer dependent children, or so they tell me, and husband to a one-time nurse who now works with me (or rather I work for). I attempt to take photographs and occasionally fluke half decent shots though thank goodness I no longer have to buy film. I endeavour to practice karate but with advancing years spend more time instructing them participating but actively participate in the more gentle tai chi. Professionally I have spent the last twenty years in recruitment – not always the most highly regarded ‘industry’. For my part I take great pleasure in helping companies to find the right people and a lot of satisfaction out of seeing them thrive and succeed. More recently I have spent a lot of time helping people who have, or fear they may, lose their jobs. For many putting a CV together is so difficult and then finding opportuniteis can be a major challenge. Interviews can be a different problem altogether but with a little help most people can perform a lot better than they otherwise would.

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